Fryingpan Bacon

Food Product Brand Anthem Video


Fryingpan Bacon does more than make great food - they tell a story with each pack of bacon. Behind its great taste is a sustainable process and caring, cruelty-free farms. That's a big story for a packing label, so Fryingpan Bacon employed another form of storytelling to elevate their message: a brand anthem video.


Charter & Co partnered with the team at Fryingpan Bacon to plan a series of videos - all focusing around the product and story, while providing deliverables for a variety of uses. Traveling from the Chicago suburbs to Aspen, Colorado demanded a plan that maximized content capture for maximum return on investment. Charter & Co created an airtight plan, assembled our best gear and traveled west. Our team of five created three videos from just two and a half days on set. Multiple interviews, shot-listed scenes, B-Roll capture and a scripted voice-over were star players in this set of videos - primed and ready to use on the web, social media and in-person pitches.

"Charter & Co was able to paint our founding location in a way we didn’t think was imaginable."

"A Cut Above" is one of three Fryingpan Bacon videos filmed on-location in Aspen, Colorado. Sustainable, tasty and feel-good eating come together in this video as Fryingpan showcases their bacon and their story - done the right way from farm to table. "A Cut Above" also received a Platinum Award from AVA Digital and an Innovator Award from Summit Emerging Media Awards.

The Results

"We used one of the videos in an elevator pitch to a local distributor, and they were so impressed with our commercial that they invited us to do a formal presentation the next week!"
Anna Bonin, Founder

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