Animated Video Process

Whether your organization is trying to explain a complex concept, showcase a new product, or visualize numbers in a meaningful way, an animated video for your business has a place in your marketing strategy.

Creating an animated video for your business

While starting an animated video project for your business can be exciting, it can often feel overwhelming as well. With so many types of motion design and animation, it can be challenging to understand the direction your company should take.

That's why our team starts with your marketing strategy first. We'll work together to find a animated video that's a perfect fit for your goals. Whether we're explaining how to use a product, showcasing results, or sharing accomplishments, you can trust that your business' animated video has been designed with your marketing strategy front and center.

Our animated video production process

An animated video for a business needs to nail the details. From choosing the right style, to properly integrating brand assets, to crafting a compelling script, the details make or break your animated video.

Our process involves thorough pre-production, including script-writing, mood boards, and story boards to make sure that your business' animated video looks and feels just right. We then work with 2D and 3D animation experts to bring your video to life, using industry-leading software and workflows that produce incredible videos.

Final Touches

The finishing touches of an animated video for your business take it from excellent to outstanding. We thoughtfully incorporate music, voiceovers, sound effects, and video editing to polish your animated video and prepare it for launch.

And with the option to deliver your animated video vertically and horizontally, in a variety of runtimes, you'll have the flexibility to use it on any platform. Our team helps you plan your animated video project to match your distribution channels, so that you have everything you need to go to market.

With Charter & Co, animation is approachable for any business of any size.

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