Who is Charter?
(And who is Co?)

Charter & Co is a video production company that helps businesses dream, create, and share meaningful brand video stories.
Charter is our team—we’re on a mission to bring a fresh and bold approach to branded video. Our videos rival agency-level quality all while providing the friendly and personable experience of an in-house creative team.

A family affair

Making videos is great—but we couldn’t do it alone. That’s where you come in! As we’ve worked with businesses around the country to thoughtfully design branded videos, we’ve found a network of incredible people. Business owners, filmmakers, marketers and beyond have become a part of our “company.” We all adventure together—and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

our Results

Brands we’ve partnered with. (We’re counting up everyday.)
Awards we’ve won for our work since 2019.
(Our moms are really proud.)
Terabytes of video we’ve filmed.
(That’s about 375 iPod Classics worth of storage.)

We’ve Got G.A.S.

“G.A.S.”—the creative community’s acronym for “Gear Acquisition Syndrome.” Basically, this means we’ve got a problem—from cameras and lenses to supercomputers—we can’t help but stay on the bleeding edge of the newest technology.

Thankfully, though, our clients and projects benefit from this endless obsession. We could list our gear here, but we would have to update the list every month. You can rest assured that we’ll be working on your project with the best-in-class and latest tools available!

Your Dream Team

Drew English headshot
Drew English
Jake Stoner headshot
Jake Stoner
Community Lead
Bailey Hill headshot
Bailey Hill
Creative Lead
Max Partain
Project Lead
Ethan Edmunds headshot
Ethan Edmunds
Kodie Warnell headshot
Kodie Warnell
Community Specialist
Luke Fritz headshot
Luke Fritz
Motion Artist
very cool man named Ryan Michaelis
Ryan Michaelis
Graphic Artist
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Videos made with heart, in the heart of Wheaton, IL

If you’re in the area, stop by our office on Main Street Downtown Wheaton and say hello! Our door is open and we’ve always got a cup of coffee and exciting brand merch with your name on it.

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