Motion Design that Communicates Story

We believe that design requires intentionality - so we view motion-designed brand videos as just that: intentionality in movement.

Our creative team obsessively cares about your message, art direction and story - because we believe that a great branded motion video is the start of your next incredible business conversation.


It can take a lot of work to get the ball rolling on a motion-designed brand video. Charter & Co believes that our in-house talent multiplies our value, so we have a full motion-design pipeline on our team.

We start at the beginning - our team will work with you as we discover the message your brand needs to share, and design a story framework to tell it. Our creative team writes thoughtful video scripts using a variety of resources, including our StoryBrand certified team members.


The success of motion-designed video starts before a single mouse click. You’ll find our graphic artist pouring over your video script to craft the right pre-visualization. We combine your brand’s elements, custom 2D and 3D design and a vision for your story to create a streamlined and high-quality process.

We know that every motion-design project requires a different approach - so we keep every software and hardware tool around our office to tackle any project, right away. Your video is brought to life on machines and software that most companies only dream of.


After every custom-designed element is moving, we put the finishing touches on the story. You can “see” a great motion video when it incorporates thoughtful sound design, transitions and pacing. We help your audience “feel” a great motion video while staying focused on your story.
We’ve got your back with a full workflow, including our: script team, graphic art team, motion design team and video/story team. Charter & Co is ready for your next motion project to be your next favorite investment.

With Charter & Co, motion design is made easy.

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