Your marketing budget should be driving results, not racking up expenses.

Every dollar that your business spends on marketing and a video production service needs to count.

Your team deserves the tools to make it happen.


Generate massive brand awareness at scale by sharing your company's video story on every platform.


Place high-converting messages in front of qualified buyers at the right time and place.


Maximize your existing marketing investments by thoughtfully integrating a video strategy.

We’re more than just a video production company. We’re enthusiastic about your growing business!
  • Over 50 businesses across a wide variety of industries have trusted us for video production services.
  • Clients have seen our videos drive web traffic, generate new leads, and support won deals.
  • Multiple clients have returned for a long-term video strategy after an initial video project.

Let's break down your video strategy


Schedule a quick meeting to help us understand your business and your goals.


Receive a video production project plan that hits your marketing objectives.


Sign a contract and kick off your video from concept to post-production.

Video production services are a smart investment.

We’ve helped our clients succeed with video marketing services, and we would love to help you succeed too. But we understand that every business has questions before jumping into a conversation, and rightfully so! Here are a few thoughts on video marketing that we frequently encounter.

Is video production too over my head?

Video marketing can seem complicated, especially for a growing business’ marketing team. Our goal is to make it approachable for everyone. We spend time with your team focusing on your business’ goals and opportunities, so that you don’t have to worry about the technical side of video. At Charter & Co, our clients have found video marketing to be more accessible after working with us.

Is my business big enough for a video?

Many growing businesses think that video is a luxury - it’s nice to have, but it doesn’t need to be an essential part of their business strategy. We believe that video should actually be a core part of every business’ marketing strategy. A great video can be used on your website, social media accounts, in a pitch deck, as an ad, in an email - you name it. Videos can do much more than just look pretty, and our team is here to help you maximize your video marketing use.

How can I fit an expense like video into my budget?

We’re frequently asked about the price of video marketing. “Why is video marketing expensive?” or “How can my business afford to spend this much?” The truth is, producing a great video strategy is expensive. However, a great video is an investment in a tangible business asset. Many marketing teams are spending their budget on software subscriptions and paid advertising, which are recurring expenses. Investing in a video produces a long-lasting asset that your business can continue to use year after year. The value of this investment adds up quickly when our team at Charter & Co helps you implement a video strategy across your entire business.

Wouldn’t I save money if I hired a full-time video employee?

Some businesses think it might be easier to hire an internal video production specialist, but the math says otherwise. If your business is looking to create high-impact video marketing content, you’ll need more than one person involved. This means hiring additional talent, sourcing skilled contractors, and burdening your marketing team’s time. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of purchasing or renting video production equipment and software for video editing, which can quickly add up. Partnering with Charter & Co for video marketing saves your business time and money, and sets you up with the best video minds and talent in the industry.

Why work with a video agency when I could hire a freelancer?

Videographers and content creators may make great videos, but they don’t stick around to help you use them. Our team is focused on long-term relationships with our clients, and is invested in their business success. As partners, we offer post-project resources to help get your videos properly placed and distributed. Whether it’s a quick phone call, helpful video marketing guides, or a connection to a strategist in our network, we’ve got you covered. Once you work with our team, you’ll see why many of our clients frequently return. We want to be your business’ biggest advocates!

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