Industrial Brand Video

The challenge: An industrial brand video focused on company culture

Camcraft develops best-in-class, precision machined components for clients in the aerospace, automotive, and hydraulic industries. While serving and innovating for their customers for over fifty years, they have remained focused on a core part of their business - their employees. Coinciding with a visual brand refresh, Camcraft asked Charter & Co to create a video that shared their company culture and featured authentic stories from different employees.

The solution: A brand video featuring tech, employees, and Camcraft's facilities

Charter & Co visited Camcraft’s machining facility to create a step by step production plan splitting employee interviews into one day, and B-Roll production into a separate day. Capturing the robotic and machining equipment came with a challenge - we needed to capture striking cinematic visuals around the facility without slowing down the manufacturing process. With a plan to move from one machine to the next with specific film equipment per shot, we captured high-quality B-Roll scenes with minimal disruption to Camcraft’s schedule. The final video highlighted Camcraft’s incredible technology, introduced friendly faces, and showcased their expansive facility.

"It felt like a collaborative project - not like a cookie cutter video production.”

Camcraft focuses on holistic care for their employees and consistently invests in professional and personal development for its staff. This video was designed to be an effective recruiting resource, showcasing Camcraft employees’ experience at the company and the culture that Camcraft has built over many years.

The Results

“Apart from a prospect coming in and touring our facility, a video is probably the best way for us to show our culture and attract new employees. Not many other companies put in this much time, effort, and resources to attract new talent, so I definitely expect it to help us stand out in the eyes of prospective employees.”
Reid Bertsche, Sales Analyst

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