Animated Non-Profit Brand Video

The challenge: Creating an animated non-profit video embodying a mission statement

The city of Denver, Colorado is full of incredible people and amazing employment opportunities. CrossPurpose is a non-profit organization that helps Denver residents learn valuable vocational skills and find new opportunities - all through free hands-on career training. CrossPurpose was searching for new ways to integrate media into their web campaigns, and decided to work with Charter & Co to produce a motion-designed video around the CrossPurpose mission statement.

The solution: A Denver-inspired animated brand video

Charter & Co used discovery sessions to write a short script - putting the focus on the career development students and Denver neighborhoods. Our Creative team worked with CrossPurpose’s marketing team during the visualization stage to develop storyboards, shot details and pre-renders. Using these elements, Charter & Co solidified the concept and started production on the motion video. The motion team designed signs based on Denver streets, created custom signs for businesses and integrated Cross Purpose’s office mural on the side of a building. They built a street scene that looks and feels like a Denver neighborhood, and worked to painstakingly texture and light the focal point of the video - a Bonsai tree. With the camera animations and lighting in place, we rendered the video in-house, edited the scenes together and mixed sound for a final video - ready to go for social campaigns.

"Charter’s storyboards provided clarity at every step of the process and ensured that our video was the highest quality."

The bonsai tree featured in the video is a staple in CrossPurpose’s Denver office. Featuring the symbol of grounding and growth, we wrote a script and designed visuals that stayed true to the CrossPurpose mission while exploring meaningful new words and visuals.

The Results

"Charter & Co is brilliant at taking an organization’s brand and breaking it down to the most important components - and then communicating the heart of the organization through excellent videos."
Cole Fritz, Admissions Director

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