Animated Software Video

The challenge: An animated software video showcasing a new platform

Transeo’s ed-tech software “Journey” has helped connect students, parents, teachers and career counselors in brand-new and exciting ways. Journey is a powerful software platform with a beautifully designed User Interface. Transeo asked Charter & Co to explore how motion design could effectively demonstrate Journey, while remaining based on an engaging story.

The solution: A perfect, animated software video to show the new tool at its best

Charter & Co designed “vector based” art files by meticulously studying and copying Transeo Journey’s UI and modeling elements to match the user experience. Every text box, shape, button and image was recreated to allow flexible animation of the software’s UI during production. Bookended with an example of academic frustration turned scholarly success, Charter & Co kept the story front and center while showing off Transeo Journey’s software build at its best.

“They captured the UI/UX of our software in powerful and compelling ways.”

Transeo helps transform the educational experience with software that prepares students for college, career and life. The Journey video models Transeo’s real user interface to prove that educational success can be achievable and enjoyable for all involved.

The Results

"Charter & Co helped us articulate our vision to potential clients with powerful talking points and animations."
Don Fraynd, CEO

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