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Higher Education Brand Video

The challenge: Designing a higher education brand video for orientation kick-off

At the start of every new academic year, Wheaton College has organized and hosted a new student orientation experience meant to cast a vision for its incoming freshman class. This year, Wheaton College wanted to foster excitement and set a tone of hopeful anticipation for students as they embarked on the start of their college journey. As the start of the 2021 school year approached, the college’s Student Engagement staff partnered with Charter & Co to design a video introduction to the orientation kick-off event.

The solution: A creative approach to representing the Wheaton College experience

Charter & Co developed a story based around the biblical narrative - allowing a key piece of the college’s orientation theme guide the video’s story. Working from a storyboard and shot list, Charter & Co’s film team spent a day on Wheaton’s campus filming in locations that would soon become familiar to their student body. The video was designed to capture the essence of spaces that were “not yet” - rooms and locations that would soon be filled with returning students. This video was sent in a welcome email to new students over the summer of 2021 and was played to kick-off the freshman orientation week during a vision casting event.

“Charter & Co’s ability to work collaboratively with my colleagues and me made them a stand-out experience.”

"REVEALED" was our creative take on the Wheaton College Chaplain's Office year verse. Our team woke up for the sunrise over the local train station, captured the stillness of the campus during its summer break and filmed in a variety of residence, athletic and academic locations over one day. This video took a cinematic approach to kick-off a student event and helped create hype for the beginning of the school year.

The Results

"The Charter & Co team is extremely trustworthy and has a strong sense of integrity in their work. Charter & Co’s ability to work collaboratively with my colleagues and me made them a stand-out experience."
Steve Ivester, Ph.D, Director of Student Engagement

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