Video Post-Production Process

Every good race is finished well. Our videos are no different. Years of experience, procedural workflows and days spent working hard - these are the ingredients for finishing an extraordinary brand video. Our team at Charter & Co works with no compromises so your video looks and feels it’s best.

Experience in the post-production process

We’ve been telling really exciting stories for over three years. But three years doesn’t tell the whole story. Our creative team is made up of photographers, designers, filmmakers, script writers, motion artists, and more. The videos you see - they’re built on our team’s talent and the hard work that helped develop it.

No matter what brand videos come next - our videos succeed because we have the right team for the job.

The post-production workflow

A behind-the-scenes look at our post-production work would reveal our obsession with staying organized and working together. Charter & Co values our process - and it all starts with detail. Multiple sets of eyes and the best minds are working on every project we produce. We spend hours assembling footage, refining colors and designing motion graphics.

The most creative videos follow the most calculated steps. It’s a difference maker that we believe in - and we know you will too.


As storytellers, we value the importance of spending time on a project. A great video is built around intentional pacing, and so are our projects. Getting the job done takes time - but that just isn’t enough. We’re the team that sees an opportunity to make a video next level - and then we order a pizza and burn the midnight oil. If you see an email in your inbox after midnight, you can assume our team hit the creative jackpot again.

With Charter & Co, your videos are always built to succeed.

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