A Pre-Production Process That Excites

A great plan clarifies objectives and super-charges a project. That’s why we don’t just create videos - we design them. With an intentional pre-production process, we start from the ground level to build your dream video.

Simply put - we know video strategy and we’re really, really good at it.


When you partner with Charter & Co on your branded video project, you can expect friendly faces along the way. Our creative team is ready to dream big with you. This is our chance to discover your business’ character and find an incredible story at the heart of your brand. We take pride in writing thoughtful video scripts using a variety of resources, including our StoryBrand certified team members.

When we start a project, it begins with listening. Your business’ success matters to us, so get ready to dive deep with our team as we write the incredible message at the center of your video.


With the vision realized and the dream defined, our team works hard to put the wings on our plan. Scriptwriting and storyboarding sit at the heart of our pre-production process - every shot is in your hands before we hit the record button on the camera.

Our job is to take the guesswork out of video by starting with a solid foundation. By the time that we finish developing a “creative treatment” together, you’ll already be able to visualize your video like it’s right in front of you.


We obsess over detail - it’s a part of our video experience that clients know and love us for. From a shooting schedule to a shot-by-shot breakdown made unique for your team, we invite you into the action before the production begins.

It’s the little things that matter - so we live by the motto, “Fix It In Pre.” As your video team, it’s our job to get the details right once and for all. You can rest assured knowing that your video is already set for success.

With Charter & Co, you’re in the best hands - right from the very start.

Ready to bring your branded video to life?

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