Video Pre-Production Process

A great plan clarifies objectives and super-charges video production. That’s why we don’t jump into creating video content right away. We believe in designing a strategic plan that connects your business goals to your video project.


When you partner with Charter & Co on your video marketing project, you'll work with our team of friendly faces to design a video unique to your business' needs and goals. We'll help you create a video marketing strategy that connects desired actionable outcomes to every part of your video.

Together, we'll explore your business goals, your brand voice and tone, your current marketing channels, and more! Whether we're meeting in the Charter & Co studio, or through video conferencing across the country, you can expect our team to ask insightful questions and give marketing guidance that will closely align your video project with your business' trajectory.


Now that we've worked together to develop a video strategy, our team works hard to put the wings on your plan. Compelling scripts and detail-rich storyboards are a core part of our pre-production process. The video messages and visuals are connected to your strategy well before we hit the record button on a camera.

We help take the guesswork out of video success by starting with a solid foundation. By the time that we finish developing a creative treatment, you’ll be able to visualize your video as if it’s right in front of you.


Before stepping on set to film your video, our team dials in all the details. We build a production schedule that keeps your business in mind, and pick filming locations that add to your video's success instead of distract. Our goal is to make every production day effortless and enjoyable for you.

With Charter & Co, you’re in the best hands - right from the very start.

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