Video Pre-Production Process

A great plan clarifies objectives and super-charges video production. That’s why we don’t jump into creating video content right away. We believe in designing a strategic plan that connects your business goals to your video project.

Outlining the pre-production process

We start every project with a discovery meeting. Together, we'll explore your business goals, your brand voice and tone, your current marketing channels, and more! Our goal is to have a deep understanding of your organization from top to bottom, so we can develop a video story that is authentic and impactful.

Kick-starting pre-production

After our discovery meeting, we work on crafting the structure of your video using words. Whether we're writing a script for a brand anthem video, or interview questions for a culture video, we weave the key details from our discovery meeting into your video's story. This process is as collaborative as you want it to be—we love working together to refine the story, but we also handle all the technical details so you don't have to.


Finally, our team creates a shot list to help sync the script to the visuals, and does a location visit to ensure our production day plan is efficient and mindful of all variables. Before we get to production day, we have a final meeting to align our team with your team, helping to ensure a successful production.

With Charter & Co, your videos are built on top of a meticulously crafted strategy and plan.

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