Video Production Process

We believe cameras are important. But we bring a lot more to the table at our productions. Not only are you working with the best video gear - you’re working with a team that knows how to run the show.
Video production should be professional, easy to understand and a whole lot of fun - and that’s exactly how we do it.

Our commitment to the video production process

Charter & Co productions live by a code: “We play until the whistle blows.” When our team shows up, you’ll see a lot of gear, a lot of expertise, and… a lot of us.

We have a vast network of top-talent that works together on every shoot. With a diverse background of technical and creative skill sets, your videos are in the best hands. Add in state-of-the-art cameras and gear, and your production is on it’s way to the moon.

What to expect during the production process

We want you to feel involved. Better together is our middle name (if we could have two). Get ready to be in the action - our team includes a producer that works side by side with you. Think of them as a translator - our crew always keeps you up to date and informed, while keeping things relatable and understandable.

Say goodbye to unanswered questions. We get that video production can be confusing - that’s why Charter & Co makes it easy.


A great video production day ends with everyone smiling and excitedly awaiting a look at the first cut. That doesn’t happen by accident though - in fact, video production can create a high-stress and high-stakes day for all involved.

That’s why we take our jobs as a production team seriously… and not too seriously as well. Alongside quality and simplicity, you can expect our team to show up with a smile and be your hosts for an incredible day of video storytelling.

With Charter & Co, you're part of the team that gets the job done.

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