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Why Working with a Video Marketing Company is a Must

If you haven't already embraced video content as a component of your digital marketing strategy, now's the time. Video marketing isn't just important; it's indispensable, with the demand for video content rapidly increasing. Presently, there are nearly 245 million digital video viewers in the US alone, and a whopping 91% of them crave more video content from brands. Consequently, video marketing is about 1200% more effective than other marketing content forms. The stats speak for themselves—video marketing is the way forward.

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How a Video Marketing Company Drives Value

But what exactly is a marketing video? In a nutshell, video marketing involves using video content to promote your products and services to customers. This type of content encompasses product tutorials, testimonials, and bite-sized social media clips. While the hype surrounding video marketing might make it seem daunting to integrate it into your marketing strategy, rest assured that effective video marketing doesn't have to be complex. It can be as simple as streaming live from an event or keeping up with the latest TikTok trends. 

Regardless of your business requirements, there's a form of video marketing that suits you perfectly. The bottom line? Video marketing is more than just a buzzword, and it's here to stay.

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Benefits of Hopping on the Video Marketing Train

If you find yourself grappling with SEO rankings, audience engagement, or outshining your competitors, incorporating top-quality marketing videos into your advertising strategy might be the solution you seek. By sharing videos on your social media channels, featuring them on your website, or running ads on YouTube, you'll attract a broader audience while simultaneously deepening your connection with existing customers.

Heightened engagement and brand loyalty emerge when you provide something valuable to your viewers through your videos. Consequently, they'll start to perceive your company as one that made them chuckle or resolved a challenge in their lives.

But the perks of video marketing don't stop there. The best video marketing content offers the following benefits and more!

  • Engages the audience by crafting videos they're eager to watch and share. 
  • Enhances search engine rankings since search engines prioritize web pages with video content. 
  • Amplifies web traffic through improved SEO and increased organic reach. 
  • Extends dwell time by offering web visitors more content to explore and engage with on your webpage. 
  • Facilitates easier conversions to sales as customers develop a better understanding of your company and the products/services you provide. 
  • Helps your marketing content stand out from the crowd, particularly when using high-value videos.

As you can see, devising a video strategy can significantly contribute to achieving your marketing and overall sales objectives.

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6 Hot Tips That the Best Video Marketing Agencies Use for Content Creation

Investing the required time, resources, and effort into producing top-notch video content might seem intimidating, particularly when there's no assurance that your video will be a hit. That’s why we put together some video marketing best practices to help you boost the likelihood of your video content being successful every time. Explore the following video marketing tips for inspiration on how to effectively achieve your video marketing objectives.

1. Use Humor to Your Advantage

An effective marketing video should enrich the viewers' lives in some way. Whether providing handy tips or eliciting a chuckle, viewers should finish your video feeling entertained or having learned something new. This is the best way to make sure your video stays with them long-term.

Regardless of your objective — be it amusement or education — don't hesitate to harness humor to your advantage. When used aptly, humor can be an incredibly potent tool in video creation. Believe it or not, this holds true even for B2B marketing.

That being said, there's an appropriate time and place for humor, and it's up to you to discern when that is. Attempting humor while discussing a serious subject might come across as trivializing the matter. Keep your audience, industry, platform, and the topics you're addressing in mind when deciding whether to incorporate humor into your video.

2. Walk in Your Customers’ Shoes

No matter your audience or marketing objectives, one of the most powerful video marketing tips is to focus on connecting with your viewers. At the end of the day, everyone craves a sense of understanding. A surefire way to boost your video content's performance is to consistently empathize with your customers. Ensure they feel recognized and know that you're here to make their lives simpler.

To achieve this, identify key pain points and address them with tailored solutions. For instance, if you run a gym but realize not all your customers can regularly visit, consider creating brief videos with at-home workout options. This provides them an alternative to daily gym visits while building their trust in your business. In turn, this trust will encourage them to stick with you and your gym when they find the time.

3. Offer Value with Educational Videos

As mentioned earlier, your marketing videos should offer the viewer something valuable. Instructional videos can set you apart from the competition. At times, a significant barrier to purchase can be a lack of comprehension or uncertainty about using your product. By crafting educational videos, you enrich your customers' lives, potentially leading to heightened brand loyalty and sales.

For instance, as a skincare company, you might notice low sales for a particular product. You can address this by producing videos that clarify what the product does, how to apply it, and the benefits customers can anticipate. Similarly, a digital video marketing agency may develop videos that educate clients on the advantages of video advertising. As a result, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of your products and feel more confident in their buying decisions.

4. Make Your Content Easily Digestible

In today's fast-paced world, attention spans have shrunk to roughly eight seconds — or even less, depending on external factors. As attention spans dwindle, it becomes increasingly crucial to capture viewers' attention immediately and maintain their interest throughout your video.

Top video marketing agencies suggest making your content easily digestible to ensure optimal performance. Avoid adding confusion or creating unnecessarily lengthy videos. Generally, the shorter, the better. Short-form content typically performs well, but remember that there are instances when long-form content may be more suitable.

5. Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Thumbnail

One of the most straightforward yet highly effective strategies employed by successful video marketing agencies is prioritizing the thumbnail. A thumbnail, the image that provides a preview of your video, can often be a deciding factor for potential viewers. Selecting an engaging thumbnail can capture their attention and distinguish your video from the competition.

To better understand this, imagine searching for a video on YouTube and seeing a list of thumbnails to choose from. Would you be more inclined to select a video with a clear, relevant thumbnail that offers a glimpse of the content, or one with a blurry, unrelated image?

6. Stick to the Same Channels As Your Audience

To ensure your content reaches the right audience, it's crucial to focus on the channels where your target demographic is most active. Attempting to maintain a presence on every platform can lead to burnout and diminished content quality.

Concentrate on publishing content on platforms where your target audience spends most of their time. This approach helps guarantee you're not wasting resources on channels that may not yield the best ROI. If you're uncertain about the most suitable solutions for your business, consider consulting with a local video marketing agency for guidance.

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Unlock Success in Your Video Marketing with the Best Video Marketing Company

Keep in mind that video marketing is more than just a buzzword; it's a powerful tool to include in your marketing arsenal. To achieve the best results with your video marketing strategy, craft content that resonates with your audience and delivers value. By doing this, you'll experience increased organic reach and SEO, heightened web traffic, and a boost in sales.

If you require additional support in launching your video marketing strategy, consider contacting Charter & Co. We provide straightforward yet effective video marketing solutions tailored to businesses of all types and sizes.


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