Tips To Keep Your Marketing Video Production Fresh

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Guard Against Boredom in Your Marketing Video Production 

Including brand video production in your corporate marketing strategy is essential to stay relevant in today’s market. Videos are popular among brands and consumers alike — and for good reason. Video offers your organization a unique opportunity to showcase your company, products, and brand identity in a way unlike ever before.

Because video is almost universally consumed by the buyers these days, it’s becoming a more heavily utilized marketing technique and form of expression online. This means there’s lots of competition for attention. Avoid making unengaging videos by getting to know your audience and prioritizing quality, attention-holding production. While the sheer number of videos available online can make it difficult to be seen or discovered, it’s not impossible. With more choices, consumers are more sophisticated and have big expectations, creating a higher bar for success in terms of creativity and production value. By meeting — and exceeding those — expectations, you can get your brand front and center and begin building lasting relationships with your customer base.

Creating marketing videos that are engaging, high quality, and memorable is an important part of effective brand video production. You don’t want to be wasting time creating videos that won’t get you the return on investment you’re looking for, so it’s important that you prioritize creating the type of content your audience wants to see.

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Remember the Ultimate Purpose of Your Marketing Video Production 

Creating entertaining videos is an important element of getting your content in front of your target demographic, but it’s critical that you don’t lose sight of the ultimate purpose of video marketing — making sales. 

It can be easy to get swept up in the recent trends, but it’s important to remember to prioritize your marketing goals first and foremost. Don’t let all the advice and chatter available online distract from the primary mission. While it’s nice for a video to be entertaining, if it doesn’t help accomplish your goals, it’s not worth your time or resources. Don’t chase engagement for the sake of engagement. Instead, focus on getting the right kind of engagement for your unique set of goals and needs. For example, conversion is oftentimes the most important metric to prioritize as you analyze your content.

To deliver a consistent message and stay on track, it’s important to stick to your video marketing strategy and have defined goals. With these in place, you can make every video you produce serve a specific purpose that gets you closer to your desired objectives.

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How to Keep Your Marketing Video Production Fresh 

If you’re looking for ways to freshen up your video marketing content while simultaneously prioritizing your goals and ROI, there are a few things you can do. Between diversifying the content you publish, seeking feedback from client-facing employees, analyzing platform insights, and modifying your future content accordingly, you can find a video marketing strategy that works for you. Keep in mind that these best practices are relevant for all kinds of video marketing productions.

Diversify the Format of Your Marketing Videos 

The marketing video that’s right for another company won’t necessarily be the right fit for you. To figure out what works best for your brand, you need to diversify the type of content you’re creating. You can do this by experimenting with different types of videos, like product videos, ads (social media, TV, etc.), customer testimonials and reviews, explainer videos, teasers, and infomercials across different platforms and formats. 

Not only do the different video formats serve unique purposes, using a mixture of different kinds of video helps prevent your video marketing from growing stale.  For example, you may create short-format videos showcasing your products alongside longer videos explaining the best ways to utilize said products. Change things up during your video production in order to ensure your content is being seen, engaged with, and remembered.

Let Client-Facing Employees Inform Your Marketing Video Production 

Videos created with your audience’s specific needs in mind are more likely to have higher engagement and conversion rates. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to know what your audience wants to see. Don’t guess — find out directly from the source: your customer- or client-facing team members. 

Since they regularly interact with your customers, these employees can help you understand what content your current and prospective audiences are craving. This “insider information” can help you identify video ideas that are likely to be successful with little to no testing required. 

Additionally, using strategic information from these internal resources helps you focus on the ultimate purpose of video marketing — making sales. By focusing on identifying what will work best early in the production process, you can save yourself time and maximize your ROI.

Monitor Engagement and Conversion Data, but Don’t Jump Around Too Much 

While seeing success from one video can be the result of luck, consistent success over time is the result of a video marketing strategy informed by the results of previous video advertising campaigns.

If you want to see consistent success, it’s important to understand what’s working. Don’t overlook the native insights and data provided by your various video marketing platforms. However, to get a useful data set, it’s important to have a reasonable sample size, so avoid making too many changes too quickly — and to remember to run tests.

When you review your data, be sure to consider your specific goals, both campaign-wide goals and video-specific goals. As you move forward with your corporate video production, you can use this information to help you do more of what’s working, and phase out or eliminate ideas that don’t work. 

Tailor Your Marketing Video Production to Your Audience 

Understanding your company’s audience is one of the most important elements of video marketing. Who are they? Where are they? What do they respond to? What platforms do they use? How much time do they spend on social media? Remember — videos that appeal to a different audience likely won’t help accomplish your goals, so it’s important that you prioritize your own audience.

Once your audience is identified, think of them during every stage of your video marketing strategy and production, and continue to learn about your audience as you grow by using the data acquired from previous videos and campaigns. Once you have identified what's working, give your audience more of what it wants. The longer you employ a video marketing strategy, the more information you’ll have at your disposal to craft videos that achieve your goals.

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Know When to Use Professional Marketing Video Production Services 

When it comes to creating video content that’s effective and helps you achieve your goals, it’s crucial that you identify what works for your audience and prioritize that type of content. To ensure this works long-term, be sure to change things up every now and then and to pay attention to the data you receive from your campaigns — they’ll offer insight into creating the best content for your audience moving forward. Unfortunately, not every company has the resources to prioritize video marketing. It can be difficult and time consuming to do everything in-house successfully, but there are video marketing agencies who specialize in prioritizing your video content strategy. 

Professional video production can help all kinds of businesses, including B2B, B2C, and nonprofits. Regardless of what your needs are, Charter & Co is here to help. With a history of successful brand partnerships, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve results through effective video marketing.


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